Vision Statement

At Sacred Heart Catholic School we encompass the spirit of our founders, the Sisters of St Joseph, and Catholic teachings where all:

  • develop a relationship with God and be witnesses to Christ by living the Gospel values, whilst promoting peace and tolerance;
  • work together to provide a safe, supportive, encouraging and welcoming environment in which students strive for excellence; and
  • encourage a passion for life-long learning.

Mission Statement

At Sacred Heart Catholic School we aim to:

  • give witness to Gospel values recognising Christ as teacher and friend who is present in our lives;
  • respect and support family life and acknowledge parents as the foremost educators of their children;
  • encourage justice, tolerance and reconciliation;
  • welcome all with openness and equality;
  • celebrate as a community
  • develop teaching and learning through the establishment of positive relationships
  • create a learning environment which provides for the unique needs of each student, encouraging them to reach their full potential in all aspects of life;
  • respect ourselves, each other and our surroundings;
  • provide a secure environment that ensures the safety and well-being of all;
  • be effective and contributing members of the wider community.

Learning for life in a community of faith