Excellence in ‘ICT’

At Sacred Heart Catholic School ICT is fully embedded across all learning areas and is used as a tool to enhance and engage student learning.  Sacred Heart has gone from a school with a few old desk tops and laptops to a school that has one laptop/ipad for every two students and every learning team having a range of digital resources to assist their programs.  All students in our 3-6 teams are involved in collaborative online projects with children in remote areas of the Northern Territory and the United Kingdom.  The school is now seen as a ‘lighthouse school’ for ICT, which saw the school invited by the Victorian Government to participate in the Listen2Learners (L2L) Conference in Melbourne in October 2010.  This prestigious event was modeled on a similar event called Be Very Afraid, which is the brainchild of Professor Stephen Heppell and held each year in London. Sacred Heart was one of only thirteen schools/colleges invited to attend from around the nation.  The video of the Sacred Heart online project with the Tiwi Islands is featured on Stephen Heppell’s website, which last year had over a million hits by educators from around the globe. In 2012 each Grade 6 student is being given an ipad2 to use at school and home. We are committed to ensuring every student has the latest technologies and resources to enhance their learning. The ipad will not only be used for technology lessons, word processing, web access, skyping, etc.. but is also a calculator, atlas, dictionary, thesauras and even a Bible.

Harry & Danielle pictured with Professor Stephen Heppell and their friends from the Tiwi Islands

Mrs Cate Doherty (3/4 Teacher) using the wireless technology to Skype parents who found it difficult to physically get to the school for their parent teacher consultation.

Nathan & Jack giving Mr Kelly a lesson on how to use the new ipads.