Cambodian Children’s Trust

Sacred Heart Catholic School has been supporting the Cambodian Children’s Trust since 2008.  The school has raised thousands and thousands of dollars for the Trust, which has seen the orphanage grow significantly the last few years.  In August last year Sinet from the CCT Orphanage spent four weeks in the Huon Valley and volunteering in the school.  Last October the school  held a ride-a-thon to support the Thon family in Cambodia.  The Thon extended family has thirty members and is currently living off 50 cents a day.  The bike-a-thon was an outstanding success with $5,500 raised. A great team effort! The Phon family have now a very positive future. Watch this space in the next couple of weeks as we add photos of the new farm, after a local family recently visited the Phom family.

Two families from SHCS have visited the orphanage the last couple of years to pass on our funds and other gifts and donations.  If you would like to contribute to this very worthy cause, please follow the link on the side of this page.

Mr Deon Scanlon, Felicity & Sophia visiting a community well that the school funded in 2008

Mitchell with teddies that were made by his Aunty - Sr Tess Ransom as a gift for the CCT children

A Cambodian family outside their new house that was funded by a SHCS staff member and his family

2011 Bike-a-thon which raised $6000 for the Phon Family

The Phon family farm - cleared of mines and for farming using the funds raised by the SHCS students