Grade 3 Camp at Orford 2014

Sacred Heart students participate in a three-day camp at Spring Beach Youth Centre, Orford.

 The grade three students from Sacred Heart Catholic School have been visiting the Wielangta forest for several years.  This year we incorporated our drive to Spring Beach Youth Camp to travel through the forest. This is a wonderful site to visit and connects past history to our students.  We were able to see where once a township with sawmilling, shops, school, bake house and boarding house might have been.  Fire destroyed the township and only minimal evidence remains.  The students have been exploring the book “Postcards, from the town that disappeared”.  Along with our science unit on living and non-living.

 Once we’d explored the forest and picked up a few hitchhiker’s (leeches) we settled at Rueben beach to explore its offerings.  The students were amazing; they competed in relay races, looked for crabs, skipped rocks over the ocean and viewed where the old wharf was.

 As a Catholic school we’re reminded to look for  ‘God Moments’.  Well I can tell you we were in the right place at the right moment to witness them.  There were so many wonderful moments where the spirit of Jesus was with us.

 The wonderful staff and parents combined to create a three-day experience that was all about creating opportunities for each other to work in and as a team.  Our students worked and had fun learning what it is like to need help and to receive help through working on the low ropes course, which incorporated the trust and leadership activities.  Other activities included exploring the bush, making huts, laying tracks and completing reef knots and clover hitch knots.

 To top off a great camp we took in all the sites at ZooDoo.  Mr Brighella took a selfie with a camel and students fed lions, patted lizards and allowed a python to crawl around their necks.

All the students participated in activities offered, and were SuPeR.  Safe, Positive and respectful while continuing to have lots of fun.  This grade continues the great tradition at Sacred Heart of travelling through Wielangta and visiting Spring Beach.

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On the 26th of May 2014 Grade 3 went to Spring Beach camp.  We went on camp to learn about our science unit; living and non-living.  We also had lots of fun with different activities.  My favourite activity was the low ropes course and finding Scot.  My favourite thing inside was playing basketball with Jye. Gracie Ashlin

On Grade 3 camp we went to Orford and we really enjoyed it. We played basketball and I liked ZooDoo. I wish we could do it again! Harrison Johns

On the 26th of May 2014 Grade 3 went to Spring Beach Youth Camp.  We went on camp to learn about our science unit living and non-living.  We also had lots and lots of fun with different activities. When we were on camp we had a scavenger hunt with Scotty.  We had to find arrows to find Scot.  It was a long walk to find Scot.  We started at the Spring Beach Youth Camp and ended up at the beach.  We had a sandcastle competition.  Some people made crabs, human bodies, houses, mermaids and lots and lots of other things.  I wish we could have stayed longer! Elyse Rowe

Our grade went to Orford for our camp.  It was fun because when we got there it was really cool.  We loved it. We went to our rooms and unpacked.  I was with Mollie, Elyse, Dakota and Fiona.  I had the top bunk, everyone did!  Mrs Allwright had some activities organised.  Then we had tea, some spaghetti bolognese. The next day we had breakfast, I had coco pops and a milo.  Then we started our first activity, which was to work out signs in the bush with rocks, sticks and some marks in the ground with Scot. We went to archery and low ropes.  Once we had finished our activities we had afternoon tea and Scot went and set some signs in the bush and we had to find him.  We ended up at the beach.  We had a sandcastle competition.  Everyone had a go and we all were winners.  Then we went back and had a shower and poor Bridie slipped over.  We had tea then went to bed. Ava Hickey

On Monday the 26th 2014 Grade 3 went on camp.  We stayed at Spring Beach Youth Camp.  Our teacher Mrs Allwright decided to take us on camp so we could learn more about our science unit – living and non-living.  She succeeded because we learnt a lot! On the first day we took a trip to the Wielangta forest.  A man from Forestry Tasmania,named Darcy gave us a tour.  He taught us a lot about the forest. I discovered things I had never known before.  After we had been there Scot drove us to Rheban beach.  We had a sandcastle competition and we all won. Then Scot drove us to Spring Beach Youth Camp.  Scot and Mr Brighella unloaded our bags.  We collected them and took them to our rooms.  We had a play on the basketball court and eight ball table, then we had dinner.  We had spaghetti bolognese it was yum!  We watched a movie and off to bed.  I was sleeping with Mollie, Ava, Elyse and our parent was Fiona.  I had a good night sleep. We woke up in the morning and had breakfast, packed our day bag and got in our groups for the days activities.  We had 3 activities, one was low ropes, the second was finding Scotty, building huts and tying knots, third was archery.  In archery we had a competition.  Cameron, Jeremy and I won.  Then we had morning tea, then lunch, and then free play. We had to go and find Scot.  He left a trail for us.  We followed it to the beach.  We got the bus back and had dinner and then bed. When we woke up I said to myself it is the last day of camp.  I packed my bags got dressed, packed my day bag then loaded the trailer.  After breakfast we found out who won the best-kept rooms.  Room 10 for the girls and room 4 for the boys.  We got prizes and shared them.  We then got on the bus and drove to ZooDoo.  At ZooDoo we got on the tour bus and fed the camels, emus and ostriches.  We went back and saw the monkeys and birds then fed the lions.  We went to the reptiles and I patted a lizard and then held a snake around my neck.  Grade 3 camp was the best ever camp.  It was so great, fun, exciting.  I wish I could go again! Dakota Fraser






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