Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival, Thursday 1st March at the Port Huon Sports Centre. Starts at 11.00am for grades 3-6. Please come along there will be seating provided.

Children need to ensure they have a cut lunch, healthy snacks and plenty to drink. They will also need their swimming goggles, a cap (if possible), a towel (or two) and a spare plastic bag for wet clothes.

The grade sixes will need to bring their ‘Late For School’ race clothes: hat, socks, t-shirt (long sleeve) & shorts or a dress (in exchange for the shorts and t-shirt). They will be required to line up on one side of the pool, swim across, get dressed and swim back. A very entertaining race!!

Parent volunteers are appreciated as we require judges and various other help on the day to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Hope to see you there.

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