Salvaged Art

The Grade 3/4’s have been working on a science unit learning about solids, liquids and gases. As part of this unit we investigated how heat is used to help change solids into liquids to aid in the process of recycling. We all then became very interested in our own recycling at school and home. We decided it was also great to reuse our rubbish rather than just recycling it, which can use up lots of power and resources.

So we decided to get creative and make imaginary animals from our rubbish. They turned out so well, that we entered them in them in the Salvaged Art Competition run by Kingborough Council. Hopefully some of us will win a prize, but even if we don’t we had lots of fun reusing our junk.

Natasha & Haylee with their mini farm.

Tara minding Flaretle before the trip to Kingston.


Kade with his Vampire like art.

Shannan with his "Rainbow Croc Snake Like Thing".

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